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Light roofs not only keep you cool, they also fight climate change


We extended our house a few years ago. As part of our passive design plan, we chose a light coloured roof to help keep our home cool. Lighter surfaces reflect heat whereas dark surfaces absorb it. I recently learnt that, by doing so, not only are we saving ourselves the cost of cooling, we’re also contributing to keeping our city cool and even potentially mitigating climate change. Details of these recent research findings and some useful links can be found here.

I love simple smart changes that make a difference without additional effort or cost.

Speaking of smart homes making living green easier, have you heard of Sydney’s new Smart Home Family. They recently moved in to a brand new energy efficient smart home where they will live rent free for a year.

It’s a real-life experiment. The Smart Home contains the latest green technologies and Clare, Michael and their daughter Ava will be putting these technologies to the test and documenting their energy and water use, carbon emissions and lifestyle changes along the way. Check out their blog here. I love that four year old Ava prepared for the move by watching The Jetsons cartoon series. Cute! I’m looking forward to following their journey.