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We're joining in a pet parade. This is Billy. She's only a few weeks old and Little Eco met her for the first time only moments after she was born in our backyard. She's our first guinea pig baby. I love watching the tenderness and adoration Little Eco showers upon this cute little pig. Read more →

We extended our house a few years ago. As part of our passive design plan, we chose a light coloured roof to help keep our home cool. Lighter surfaces reflect heat whereas dark surfaces absorb it. I recently learnt that, by doing so, not only are we saving ourselves the cost of cooling, we’re also contributing to keeping our city cool and even potentially mitigating climate change. Details of these recent research findings and some useful links can be found here. I love simple smart changes that make a difference without additional effort or cost. Speaking of smart homes making... Read more →

I love quick creations. I enjoy gardening, crafting and cooking, but for me it's mostly the outcome I enjoy, rather than the process. I'm impatient. I thought my raised strawbale garden was as good as it gets in terms of instant economical raised garden beds, but I've found an even cheaper and quicker option.... Remember those bags of mushroom compost that i've been raving about? They cost me only $2, I harvested kilo's of mushrooms from them, and now i'm growing veges in them. Talk about value for money. I simply placed the bags directly on the ground, made drainage... Read more →

Monday is usually our urban adventure day. But today was busy - so instead we took a moment to wander around nearby streets looking for signs of urban nature. The concept of 'nature' is a little beyond a three year old, so I told Little Eco we were searching for bugs. I love that nature is never too far away, no matter where you are. Yes, I stole some violets out of someones garden. Anyone else willing to fess-up to collecting plants from neighbours gardens? If you're wondering what Little Eco is wearing or what that blonde hair is in... Read more →