{A not so} happy world ocean day
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Wild about whales

Whale watching at Jervis Bay last year.

The whale watching season has started here in NSW. The whales are currently migrating north to spend the winter in warmer waters. I’ve just discovered the Wild about Whales education campaign and I thought it was worth sharing. There’s an informative website full of information, images, and video. Little Eco and I spent much of this evening exploring the images and video and talking about our whale watching experience last year (I love that she doesn’t seem to remember she spent most of the trip vomiting and is keen to go again. I’m not so sure).

The website also has a calendar of events and a competition. I’ve added the Port Stephens Whale festival to our calendar, started following Wildaboutwhales on twitter so that I’ll be up to date on whale sightings, and have printed this picture so that Little Eco can enter the colouring in competition. I think we have whale education under control for now :-)