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While I’m on the topic of popcorn…

…I’d thought I’d share my love for this versatile, healthy and economical pantry staple.


We always have popcorn in the pantry. We buy it in bulk in lovely reuseable calico bags, storing some in a jar and topping up when needed from a bag stored in the bulk storage bins that live in the bottom of our pantry.

If we need a quick snack for some kids, or a snack for some adults sharing a few drinks…no problems – we always have popcorn. I’ve never seen anyone complain when presented with a bowl of warm freshly popped popcorn.

It’s also a perfect lunch box snack and a great alternative to packets of chips. It’s banned from Little Eco’s childcare centre due to its choking risk, but once she’s old enough I’m sure it will be a lunch box regular.

I seriously don’t get why people buy microwave popcorn? Aside from the fact that it’s highly packaged, expensive, and laden with preservatives and artificial flavours, making the real stuff is just as easy. I simply add a little butter to a saucepan (heavy based pans work best), add a handful of popcorn, pop on a lid and shake a little until the popping stops. The butter adds a lovely flavour, negating the need for salt or other toppings. As a treat we sometimes top with salt or icing sugar and I once made caramel popcorn - it was so delicious I don’t dare make it again.

And best of all – pop corn is healthy. It’s a wholegrain high in fibre and antioxidants and I seem to recall it's one of these wonderful foods that counts as a vegetable as well as a wholegrain (perfect for kids who don’t like vegetables). Just make sure you aren’t too heavy handed with the salt or butter. You can skip fat all-together and air pop in the microwave – but in my opinion it doesn’t taste anywhere near as nice.

And thanks for all the great ice-cream making hints. Were planning give it a go this weekend. I especially loved learning about the ice-cream attachment that you can get for the KitchenAid. Here’s a not so subtle hint Daddy Eco - A pistachio one would be a lovely gift for that milestone birthday I have coming up in a few years? Don’t you think?