Where do the children play?
Popcorn play

‘They’re not chips Mum! They’re potatoes!’

Without fail, every time we eat dinner out, Little Eco orders chips. Chips, chips and more chips! What is it with kids and chips! So I thought I’d start cooking chips at home more regularly in the hope that the novelty wore off. Little Eco helped me scrub and cut some organic local potatoes and we tossed them in a little Olive Oil and fresh rosemary and roasted them.

I dished a few out and asked Little Eco if she would like some chips. She looked at me like I was an idiot and said rather sternly ‘They’re not chips Mum! They’re potatoes!’

I had to laugh. But it did have me thinking. I thought Little Eco had a relatively good awareness of food and where it comes from. We’ve visited the farm where our veges, eggs and yoghurt come from and she watches and helps me cook most meals. So I think she knows where healthy wholesome food comes from, but perhaps she still thinks junk food comes from shops. Like most children (I imagine?) she begs for icecream, lollies and chips when out and about and we do allow her to have these as treats every now and then.

I like Michael Pollan's rule: “Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself.” Perhaps I need to start cooking more ‘junk’ food at home as an occasional treat? I think we’ll try making icecream. I bet she doesn’t know ‘real’ ice-cream is simply made with milk, cream, eggs and sugar. Have any of you made icecream and have any good hints?

Also...Thank you to those who left comments on my last post and shared you and your children’s experiences playing outdoors.  They’re worth reading if you haven’t already. I was particularly interested to learn that some of you didn’t have much outdoor unstructured play time growing up – and yet obviously now care for the environment. That surprises me, as I have always considered my childhood outdoor time was responsible for my passion for nature conservation. Perhaps we can care about the environment without having spent much time in nature? Perhaps we are born with an innate desire to conserve our environment. I hope so. I like that idea.