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June 2010

We’ve been continuing our urban adventure. Last week’s favourite park was Hollingsford Reserve, Carrington. This park has so much to see and do that we had to visit it two days in a row. There's ... hills to roll down, puddles to splash, boats to row, bridges to cross, views to gaze at, Mangrove seeds to dissect, and lessons to be learnt. The Mangroves were sadly littered with lots and lots of rubbish. We spoke about how litter eventually makes its way down drains and into creeks and waterways and had a chat about what we can do to fix... Read more →

This weekend the Newcastle Harbour foreshore was scattered with artwork made from recycled materials for a Waste Knot Want Knot exhibition. I loved wandering the foreshore and soaking up all the upcycling inspiration. Here’s just a few of my favourites. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Read more →

…I’d thought I’d share my love for this versatile, healthy and economical pantry staple. We always have popcorn in the pantry. We buy it in bulk in lovely reuseable calico bags, storing some in a jar and topping up when needed from a bag stored in the bulk storage bins that live in the bottom of our pantry. If we need a quick snack for some kids, or a snack for some adults sharing a few drinks…no problems – we always have popcorn. I’ve never seen anyone complain when presented with a bowl of warm freshly popped popcorn. It’s also... Read more →

A morning snack of popcorn became the inspiration for hours of play yesterday. First we created popcorn jewelery.... Little eco was pretty pleased with herself..and she loved being able to eat her jewelery. I liked that she learnt how to use a needle and thread for the first time and practiced her scissor and measuring skills. She then decided she had to make a pop corn cake with play dough... ..and of course she then had to have a tea party and invite her friends. I had planned totally different play ideas for the day, but sometimes its lovely just... Read more →

Without fail, every time we eat dinner out, Little Eco orders chips. Chips, chips and more chips! What is it with kids and chips! So I thought I’d start cooking chips at home more regularly in the hope that the novelty wore off. Little Eco helped me scrub and cut some organic local potatoes and we tossed them in a little Olive Oil and fresh rosemary and roasted them. I dished a few out and asked Little Eco if she would like some chips. She looked at me like I was an idiot and said rather sternly ‘They’re not chips... Read more →