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Continuing our urban adventure ~ Carrington

We’ve been continuing our urban adventure. Last week’s favourite park was Hollingsford Reserve, Carrington. This park has so much to see and do that we had to visit it two days in a row. There's ...


hills to roll down,

IMG_0559 puddles to splash,

IMG_0679 boats to row,

IMG_0720bridges to cross,

IMG_0726views to gaze at,

IMG_0749Mangrove seeds to dissect,

IMG_0764and lessons to be learnt.

The Mangroves were sadly littered with lots and lots of rubbish. We spoke about how litter eventually makes its way down drains and into creeks and waterways and had a chat about what we can do to fix the problem.

Want to learn more about Mangroves (so that you can seem wise and knowledgeable next time you walk your kids through Mangroves)? This information sheet is full of loads of useful information, including kid friendly illustrations, an identification guide for the Mangroves of NSW, information on threats and what we can do to help protect Mangroves.

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