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{A not so} happy world ocean day


We visited Bar Beach on Monday hoping to see a dead beached whale. We missed it. The whale had just been buried.

It’s World Ocean Day today. Timely for me, because I’ve been thinking about the ocean a lot recently. In particular, i've been saddened by our disconnection to this magical place. Sea life suffocating in oil. Chicks starving to death on a diet of human trash. Marine creatures suffering a slow strangled death. Do we care? Perhaps knowing that the toxic chemicals in plastic are now making their way into our food chain will be the wake-up-call?

I urge you to take a quick peek at just some of the images i’ve linked to above. I believe, at the very least, we should be aware of our impacts.

Want to be more than aware? Get to know the ocean, buy only sustainable seafood, and decrease the amount of plastic you use.

Sorry for being negative again. I usually try and keep my negative and pessimistic views out of this blog. I believe people are inspired more by positive, optimistic and FUN information. But every now and then I need to acknowledge the depressing facts.

I promise to be back to my positive self next post :-)