Today was a good day....
Continuing our urban adventure

Stopping our chooks from leaving home

Our chooks free-range all day. Lately, a few have flown up onto our fence to check out the 'greener-pastures' on the other side. So it was time today to clip their wings. We do it every year or so, trimming the longer flight feathers off just one wing. Little Eco wanted to give it a go this year....


I just love the expressions on her face.


While up and close, Little Eco wanted to check out all their wobbly bits. I couldn't remember what the wobbly bit below their beak was called. I've just googled it....its a wattle. How could I forget that?!.


I've printed out this picture of a chook (from here) for Little Eco to colour-in tomorrow. I'll label the picture and introduce a little bit of chicken anatomy.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend :-)