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Refashioned felted wool oven mitts

I'm pretty impressed with my mother's day gift. Daddy Eco (with a little help from Little Eco) made me a pair of felted wool oven mitts. I love them!! (I feel the need to mention that those are Daddy Eco's arms and not mine). I did hint that I needed some new oven mitts, and I did hint that felted wool would be good to use, and I did leave a few appropropriately felted old jumpers lying around, and did show him these gorgeous mitts, and I did have to show him how to use the sewing machine a few times, but otherwise he made them without any help from me. Thank you, I absolutely love them. And I love even more that you modelled them for me ;-)

Happy Mother's Day Mum xx
p.s Mum. Do you need some new oven mitts ;-)