Stopping our chooks from leaving home
Finding balance by spending a morning with some worms

Continuing our urban adventure

I was being a tad unrealistic thinking we could do 24 parks in 24 days. It didn't take me long to realise racing off to a different park each afternoon was just adding another scheduled activity to an already busy scheduled day. So I've backed off to a more realistic rate of exploration.

We've been having a lot of fun and have found some great (and not-so great) parks. My favourites this week were:

Dip-netting for water bugs at Eucalyptus Circuit Reserve, Warabrook:


We were pretty impressed with the freshwater shrimp we found and after having so much fun are planning to join in the NSW Water Bug Survey next year. If you're  interested in identifying water bugs, check out this great Buglopedia.

Playing marbles at Jesmond Park, Jesmond:


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