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Dob in a tosser

Coal ships and wood chips

Our two favourite parks from week three of our urban adventure couldn't have been more different to each other. 

Walsh Point Reserve, Kooragang:





This reserve was pretty unusual. We had to drive through the coal loaders and past mountains of wood chips to get there. You can see a pile of wood chips to the right in the photo above. Little Eco took this photo. I'm always amazed at how she manages to get straight horizons. Mine are always crooked!.

It's an eery place and I won't be going there again without Daddy Eco. It's in the middle of nowhere and empty except for the odd fisherman. But it's worth visiting. We watched the coal ships and tug boats come in and played on the beach, seeing how far we could throw chunks of slag. It was windy and empty and Little Eco loved running and yelling. What is it about wind that makes kids go crazy?

Lambton Park, Lambton:





Lambton Park Playground has been renovated recently. I'm impressed! It's the best park so far for imaginative and creative play. Little Eco especially loved the water play, the climbing equipment and she served me endless cups of sand tea from her 'tea shop'.

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