Scraps ~ No spend update day 9
Knowing nature ~ a children and nature awareness month challenge

We survived (& enjoyed) our week and a bit of not spending

The last day of the no-spend challenge was the easiest of them all. I came down with a rotten stomach bug and spent the day in bed not able to eat anything. It made not spending very easy! Thankfully I recovered quickly.

Overall, we loved not spending and plan to regularly have no-spend weeks to remind us of the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. I realised that we actually ‘need’ very little.

Before I go any further, I’ll do the final fess-up….I mentioned 4 slip-ups the other day. The remainder happened on our second-last day. We needed fruit so decided to break the challenge. Daddy Eco went down the road to get some…and he returned with toilet paper as well! Where’s his sense of adventure! Speaking of his sense of adventure…it seems our car has a bottomless fuel tank cause ‘apparently’ it didn’t run out of fuel during the entire challenge???

I was actually a little surprised by how easy the challenge was. I think the main factors that contributed to not spending being so easy were: our food stash (long-term food storage), loads of free fun, and conscious vegetarian cooking. I’ll save the details for future posts and leave you with the top three things I hated about no-spend week:

1. Weak coffee
2. Weak coffee made with powdered milk