No spend week with no warning
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ~ No spend update Day 3

Powdered milk already! ~ No spend update Day 2

We started on the powdered milk this morning…It wasn’t the disaster I suspected. My coffee wasn’t quiet as nice as usual – but it did the job.

I also hadn’t given much thought to the fact that public transport costs money. We’re a one-car-family for the next week or so after an ‘incident’ on the weekend……


Daddy Eco has no option but to drive to work…so I’m the one left without a car. With public transport off-bounds, I begrudgingly got onto my bike this morning. I actually needed this. I hadn’t ridden to work since Christmas. No excuse – just lazy. I really enjoyed my ride this morning so I love that this challenge has forced me back in the saddle.


Tonight's dinner was a quick and super easy meal - steamed potato topped with zucchini, baked beans, a big handful of parsley and a teeny bit of cheese (we're about to run out of cheese so each teeny bit is now considered precious), and served with a slice of toast.

A quick reminder for Novocastrians: The Transition Newcastle Earth Hour celebration at Braye Park this Saturday should be fun. Not only do we get to spy on Newcastle to see how many people turn off their lights, there will also be loads of activities. I'm particularly looking forward to helping Little Eco make her own wind puppet from recycled materials and am also looking forward to listening to the impressive line-up of inspirational speakers. More details here.