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Powdered milk already! ~ No spend update Day 2

No spend week with no warning

I was inspired last night when reading about Eileen’s no-spend week. She’s starting this Friday and I was considering joining in. I decided to sleep on it. I woke and thought – why wait! Lets start now.

We’ve had a busy few days and only four days into our fortnightly budget cycle we had spent ALL our grocery budget and all our ‘miscellaneous’ money. We’re trying hard to stick to a budget so starting today made sense. Daddy Eco agreed - so we’ve started…with no last minute spending or pantry stocking. We're going to aim for just over a week, not spending a cent until Thursday 1st April.

The only exceptions are for things we're already committed to (e.g  bills, our weekly vege boxes, and a gold coin for a talk tomorrow night). I also won’t sacrifice a balanced diet – but I think the only thing we may have to break the pledge for is fruit.


So today I prepared. Little Eco and I raided our neglected vege garden and potted herbs. I also started a couple of batches of sprouts to supplement the salad greens we will get in our vege boxes. I prepared a meal plan for the week and I’m pretty certain we can last the ten days. It's actually a pretty yummy meal plan – but obviously totally devoid of any convenience food so I’m certain I’ll be spending a fair bit of time in the kitchen over the next 10 days.



Tonight’s dinner was Eggplant Pizza with homemade pesto. Restricted to what was already in my pantry I had to make the pesto with almonds and macadamia nuts instead of pine nuts and I had to use cheddar cheese instead of parmesan – but it still tasted delicious.

Anyone else tried to go a week or more without spending? Any hints? I suspect one of the first things we are going to run out of is toilet paper…It shall be an interesting 10 days.

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