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This delicious soup tastes much nicer than it sounds or looks. It's currently one of our favourite seasonal meals*. I love that it's simple, delicious, economical, and can be on the table in under half an hour. Last night I whipped this up when all I found in the fridge were a few rather sad zucchini's. ~Ingredients~ olive oil 2 tsp onion 1, chopped garlic clove 1, crushed potatoes 3 large, peeled and chopped zucchini 2 large, chopped vegetable or chicken stock 1L frozen peas 1 1/2 cups mint 2 tbs, shredded Heat oil in a large saucepan; add onion... Read more →

We did it last year, and the year before, and this year we will be cleaning up closer to home. Clean up Australia Day is just around the corner - March 7th. Go on - contribute to your community. Register here. Read more →

As mentioned, our backyard bees have gone. In my case, it was impossible to have backyard bees and happy neighbours. The hive will eventually go back to my dads place, and is currently holidaying at my uncles, as their isn’t enough pollen near Dad’s block until spring, when the Canola flowers. My uncle lives adjacent to a National Park which environmentally, is not an ideal place to keep bees. I prefer honeybees be kept in urban or agricultural landscapes given their potential threat to native flora and fauna. I’ll visit my Dad when the honey is ready to harvest and... Read more →

…are just some of what we experienced on the weekend. Saturday was quiet - just the Transition Newcastle Ideas cafe. Sunday was a tad busier. It started with the Koorogang Island Open Day, which included an obligatory face painting.. ...meeting some reptiles, including a Shingleback lizard, a turtle, and even a crocodile. There was also local bush tucker to be enjoyed, including the gorgeous Finger Limes (I've enjoyed these in the past in Gin and tonic - lovely!). Mountain Devil (Lambertia formosa) flowers were a treasured childhood bush treat for me. Like the Worimi people, I used to pull off... Read more →

Each time I have to resort to using a disposable something when out-and-about I add the non-disposable alternative to my 'eco bag kit'. I think I finally have it sorted so that I never have to use another disposable thing ever again (that is until I forget to add something back to my bag after washing - and I do that all the time!). My 'eco bag kit' includes at-least (going anticlockwise): a stainless steel drink bottle, a KeepCup coffee mug, my recycled curtain produce bags, my recently completed cutlery roll (also holds a cloth napkin), an Only Midge purse... Read more →