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...collect fresh eggs ..see how veges grow ..learn where milk and yogurt comes from .. and play with some really cool permaculture tools used to keep the grass down between garden beds. Thanks for the photo Rachel :-) Some of them even got to feast on the farm fresh food. And of course - nothing impresses me more than a composting loo :-) It was fun. Thanks Kate and Mark! Interested in joining us on the next Playdate for the Planet? If you haven’t already, subscribe by emailing You can find the Playdates for the Planet events program here.... Read more →

I thought I’d share pictures of a few of my handmade Christmas presents – all made from reclaimed fabric. Actually – I’ll be honest – these are the only handmade Christmas presents I made this year. For the rest we went with reusable stainless steel drink bottles or sunscreen. These ‘art bags’ hold a sketch pad and coloured pencils. I made them using an old pair of denim jeans and vintage cotton sheets. The denim makes the base of the bag strong enough to hold scissors. After sewing the denim to the sheet, I made a simple drawstring bag. You... Read more →

I'm loving our new backyard bees. They have been doing a brilliant job pollinating our vege flowers (the above bee is on a pumpkin flower). I was worried about how noticeable they would be in our small urban yard (it's only 10 m wide) and was particularly concerned that they may annoy our neighbours. But after the initial buzz when thousands exited the hive at once (they had been locked up all day for the journey here), they have all settled in and are hardly noticeable. My initial focus has been on doing everything I can to make sure the... Read more →

I recently made some fruit and vege bags from second-hand net curtains. I made simple draw string bags and used ribbon for the drawstring. Using the curtain top and bottom hems as ready-made casing for the drawstring makes the bags super-easy. I also made a few small hand-bag sized pouches that fit five produce bags so that I can keep a set in my handbag (otherwise I know I’ll find myself leaving them at home when needed). Want your own produce bags, but not interested in sewing your own? No problem. Just keep an eye out for Kelly’s soon to... Read more →