Mystery eco thing?
Mini mei tai from 70s curtains

I fell in love with a composting toilet

Yep – most of you guessed right - it’s a compost toilet. I fell in love with a dunny!

We spent a few lovely days visiting friends on their bush block in the south west of Western Australia near Albany.



Despite being very basic, their current temporary home is warm, simple and one of the nicest homes i've visited. It reminded me of how little we really need to live comfortably.

I was most impressed with the loo! It’s a compost toilet that will one day move into their new home when built – but for now is housed in a timber and iron castle made from salvaged and recycled timber.




I loved the view from the loo.


And the temporary bathroom is equally impressive.


Thanks for having us Rob & Al. We're looking forward to our next visit already.