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October 2009

There has been very little creating around here this week – unless you call starting a community building initiative creating. Inspired by Valerie over at the Frugal Family Fun Blog, I createed this treasure hunt list for Little Eco. I made ours nice and simple as she’s only two, although you could make one as complicated as you like. I simply used google images to find the relevant line drawings. You can download a pdf of our hunt list here if you would like to use it. Check out other creative spaces here. Read more →

Image by Glyn of Mote Playdate for the Planet 24th October 2009 Newcastle Foreshore Playground. Celebration for International Day of Climate Action. Image by Glyn of Mote Thank you so much Kate for organising the day. It was fun. Well done! Thanks also to Heather for collecting names for an eco play group. Yay! Looking forward to our first get-together. How did you Celebrate International Day of Climate Action? I'd love to see what you got up to. Enter a link to your your action below. I've added those that I have noticed already. Read more →

There has been more playing with lady beetles in the fairy garden recently. I was worried this lady beetle was the dreaded 28 spotted or leaf eating lady beetle. I wasn’t certain, and it flew away before I had a chance to count spots or make any ‘to squash’ or ‘not to squash’ decisions. Not wanting to unintentionally squash a good guy in the future, I decided to identify our lady beetles. I have found some helpful resources here, here and here. Monday’s lady beetle was a friendly Transverse Lady Beetle (Coccinella transversalis) and the above cutie is a Common... Read more →

Saturday, October 24th is International Day of Climate Action. People across the globe will unite to show their passion for positive action on climate change. Newcastle mum Kate Ross has organised a Playdate for the Planet. What a brilliant idea! Join us 11-12am on the 24th at the Foreshore Park Playground in Newcastle for a giant playdate. The day is being organised by, an international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis. Want to know more? Watch this brief video. Why not join in? See what’s happening in your area... Read more →

Yesterday we picked up our first CSA (Community Assisted Agriculture) box from Purple Pear Organics. Between the Beanstalk Coop, our weekly farmers markets, and Purple Pear, eating local and organic is now just as easy and economical as buying from the supermarket up the road. Daddy Eco will be picking the CSA box up on his way home from work once a week – but yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the farm myself. I love being able to see where our food is grown. No pesticides, no fuel guzzling machinery, no chemical fertilisers, no battery hens and no... Read more →