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Recycling craft for toddlers

IMG_6100-1 IMG_6104-1 Today Little Eco wanted to sew....and she wanted to make a yellow Hippopotamus?! So before she lost interest we drew a Hippo on an old yellow flannelette pillow slip and she helped me cut and sew. She drew the face on all by herself and is very proud of her ‘Yellow the Hippo’. She played with her all afternoon and when Daddy Eco came home she ran down the hallway screaming “I made a Hippo”. Very cute!

I liked how proud she was of creating something herself...and of course I liked that we were recycling something old. So I decided to collect a few recycling craft ideas for future crafty afternoons and thought I would share them with you.

Bird feeder                             Denim pocket fridge magnets

Denim pocket purse                Toilet roll binoculars

Musical instruments                Egghead Egg shell planter

Toilet roll octopus                   Any others you can recommend?