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Oats, oil, salt, lemon and egg...its bath time

IMG_6052 I had a busy week this week– so decided to treat myself to a little luxury this morning: a kitchen pantry pampering. You can find all the ingredients you need for a luxurious home spa treatment in your pantry.....

My skin has been feeling dry and flaky and my hair super frizzy – so this morning’s treat focused on moisturising. Here’s what I used....


Salt exfoliating body scrub
Place the juice of one lemon and an equal volume of olive oil in a jar and shake. Stirring, add salt until you have a thick paste like scrub. The salt dissolves initially so you have to add a fair amount. The salt and lemon exfoliates away dead skin cells and allows the moisturising oil to penetrate more easily. IMG_6055

Egg and oil hair treatment
Place two eggs and an equal volume of olive oil in a jar and shake.

Porridge bath
Rolled oats is a well known soothing bath soak. Most instructions suggest placing rolled oats in a stocking or muslin bag....but I prefer to just toss a couple of cups of oats in the bath. It makes a messy but super moisturising porridge soak.

I jump in, put the treatment in my hair and exfoliate with the scrub, and then sit back and relax. Pure luxury...without the eco footprint (or cost) of most body and hair treatments.

Whats your favorite kitchen pantry pampering?

Speaking of pantry pampering...i've been thinking of doing the no poo thing (it seems to be a simple living rite of passage). What I want to know is...has anyone given up shampoo permanently, or are you all tempted back to the poo eventually?