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I started off with a pile of $1 opp shop T-shirts and ended up with some cute pants for Little eco. They were inspired by the likes of these, these and these. I love that you don’t need to hem the pants because you use the T-shirt hem as the bottom of the pants. I made these a little differently to their inspirations. Instead of using the T-shirt side seams as the outer leg seam, I used them as the inner leg seams so that I could cut a funky flair into the outer seams. I also used part of... Read more →

When wandering though the garden yesterday – I was very happy to see how well my straw bale garden bed is going. I started this garden as a trial. My garden can get very water logged in winter so I was looking for an economical raised garden bed. This garden was so easy to make. It took me under an hour from start to finish and cost less than $20 in total. I simply laid out bales of spoilt hay in a square and filled the centre with layers of compost, chook manure, hay and mushroom compost. You can see... Read more →

Today Little Eco wanted to sew....and she wanted to make a yellow Hippopotamus?! So before she lost interest we drew a Hippo on an old yellow flannelette pillow slip and she helped me cut and sew. She drew the face on all by herself and is very proud of her ‘Yellow the Hippo’. She played with her all afternoon and when Daddy Eco came home she ran down the hallway screaming “I made a Hippo”. Very cute! I liked how proud she was of creating something herself...and of course I liked that we were recycling something old. So I decided... Read more →

I had a busy week this week– so decided to treat myself to a little luxury this morning: a kitchen pantry pampering. You can find all the ingredients you need for a luxurious home spa treatment in your pantry..... My skin has been feeling dry and flaky and my hair super frizzy – so this morning’s treat focused on moisturising. Here’s what I used.... Salt exfoliating body scrub Place the juice of one lemon and an equal volume of olive oil in a jar and shake. Stirring, add salt until you have a thick paste like scrub. The salt dissolves... Read more →

This weekend was our third birthday party in as many weeks. I have been feeling rather uncreative recently so resorted to books for the last two gifts. But for today's party I was determined to make something. So last night I made this pencil and note book roll. I hope she likes it. I made it with opp shop sourced fabric and ribbon, and denim from an old pair of jeans. I love how easy the tutorial was, and given that i'm an impatient sewer, I loved that it took under an hour (quicker than going shopping!). Read more →