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Waste free lunch box pride

Little eco’s day care centre is having a lunch box education program. Part of the focus will be on how to pack a waste free lunch. They asked me if they coud take a photo of little eco’s lunch box to show how it could be done. I was actually a little proud.

IMG_4977Little eco's lunch box typically contains: two pieces of fruit; a hard boiled egg; some healthy homemade biscuits (or if it's a busy week just plain preservative free rice crackers); half a corn cob or cheese or hommus; half a sandwich; and plain yoghurt.

I love that the fruit and egg comes in its own compostable packaging. The rest I package in small re-useable plastic containers. It looks rather plain – but when it comes to lunch I have decided simplicity and routine just makes my life easier.

I’d love to send her to school with a lunch like this or this– but thats just not going to happen :-)

I plan to one day replace the plastic containers with something stainless steel. I like the look of these LunchBots. I'm also keen to reduce the amount of dairy I pack due to its ecological impact.

What does your child carry their lunch in? What do you pack for them to eat?