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Next week (Sunday 3rd to Saturday 9th May) is International Compost Awareness Week. It is a week of activities, events and publicity to raise awareness about the importance of this valuable organic resource and to promote compost use, knowledge and products. A whopping 60% of the rubbish Australians currently throw out could be composted. This organic material – when buried ‘anaerobically’ (without air) in landfill causes over 3% of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions annually by producing methane: a gas with 25 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide! If properly composted instead, this same organic waste could help... Read more →

I had a lovely delivery this week. Daddy Eco picked up a load of mushroom compost from the Gromore Mushroom farm in Singleton (NSW). They sell their used mushroom compost to the public on Thursday Mornings. At only $2 a bag it’s a bargain. Inspired yet again by Darren of Green Change I put a few of the bags under the house and will harvest some mushrooms prior to using it as compost. Can’t wait! Anyone have any good mushroom recipes? I’m keen to make pickled mushrooms. Yesterday was such a lovely day. Not only did I get to play... Read more →

I have been enviously reading about other bloggers foraging for free food. Darren of Green Change collected Lilly Pillies from his workplace and made a selection of foods including Lilly Pillies On Horseback and Lilly Pilly Stuffed Chicken Breast. He also recently made a Feral Fruit Filo Pastry from peaches collected from a roadside. Ally and Rich of Happy Earth were lucky enough to be part of a fruit rescue team that collected fruit from abandoned orchards in the Illawarra area and Bel recently posted over at the Simple Green and Frugal Coop regarding her use of edible native plants... Read more →

"It's far more expensive than petrol but bottled water is not just for the well to do. Australians are guzzling the stuff spending over half a billion dollars every year. And ridiculously, most of it comes from giant factories in our major cities." "Every time we are buying bottled water no matter what the myth or the story that's attached to it, the fact is, there is a major environmental impact associated with that bottled water." "At the end of the day it's all marketing, it's all PR it's all spin and its aim is to extract money out of... Read more →

Daddy Eco had to drive out to a rural area today to get some hardware we could not get locally. I decided to tag along to see if I could find some cheap spoiled hay to use as mulch. I was very very happy when we drove past this: Along the way we also picked up some bargain pumpkins. Four for $5! We also found some bargain corn – at only 50c a cob. Little Eco ate two cobs on the way home – I doubt you could get a healthier or cheaper lunch on the run. Give me a... Read more →