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They were already off...we were kilometres away...sitting in the dark munching on damper twists with golden syrup. Sunday was filled with...the best coffee I have had in ages.... ..inspection of the leech that fed on my big toe all night... ..throwing rocks in the creek... ..swimming lessons.. ...and some laughs in the sun before returning home to reality. Read more →

I’m a week late! If I’d known about sustainable seafood day last Friday I would have celebrated it. I have been purposely procrastinating regarding looking into sustainable seafood choices, as I didn’t want to find out that some of our favourite foods are not sustainable. We love seafood, with tinned tuna and salmon being lunch-time regulars and our Sunday night treat is typically locally farmed Rainbow Trout. To my relief, I have discovered a few resources that can help me make sustainable choices so that we can continue to enjoy seafood without the guilt. The Marine Stewardship Council fishery certification... Read more →

...for going plastic bag free. I popped into one of my local Salvos stores today to buy some Winter clothes for Little Eco. I buy all her clothes second hand, or if I want something 'new' for a special occasion I buy 'new' clothing made from recycled materials (I love Vintage Vibes). Not only is buying second hand great for the environment, but it also saves lots of money. I got this bundle of clothes for only $12! They are all winter clothes and look like they have hardly been worn. The only time I am ever tempted to buy... Read more →

What a wonderful day! We helped clean up Australia. And boy does Australia need cleaning up! All this rubbish was sadly dumped in a valuable patch of an endangered ecological community, Kurri Sand Swamp Woodland. Not only did we remove rubbish... We removed some garden weeds... ...and we all got to spend time with nature and each other. It is amazing what a few people can achieve in a few hours! What a wonderful day! Read more →