Inspiring words from Harry we even care about wildlife?
I love free manure!

Who was I kidding!!!

When I started this blog only two weeks ago I was on christmas holidays. I spent time in the garden and harvested food for our table. I spent time making our meals from scratch and was able to minimise use of packaged and processed foods. I had time to mend clothes and I even had time to make a gift from scratch. I had time to walk rather than drive. I had time to browse through second hand stores, making the lure of post-christmas sales less tempting. I was highly motivated at the prospect of living sustainably.....Then things changed....

BAD morning coffee 
I returned to work.....I hadn't even made it to the office before I bought a cup of coffee in a disposable cup!!! I had run out of coffee at home, raced out the door, driving in one direction to drop Little Eco off at child care and then drove in the opposite direction to work. I NEEDED a coffee!

I would love to live truly sustainably, but I also love my 'real' job (thats what I call my paid job), I love my Flannel Fings, I love spending time with my family, and I now love this blog. Can I do it all??

Bottomless pile of washing copyright Little Eco Footprints 2009

I KNOW I CAN! My family's path to sustainability may be different to what I had imagined....I had envisaged a simpler life...pottering in the kitchen; making washing powder from scratch; baking bread every day; making tomato sauce from all the tomatoes I grew in the garden... It all sounds so perfect...But I have accepted I just do not have the time and there is nothing I want to drop from my existing commitments.

So...I am going to live sustainably, whilst working in an office 3 days, running my own business, looking after Little Eco....and still having time for lovely moments with my family.

I know there are so many other families out there that would love to live a greener lifestyle, but feel constrained by time. Maybe my journey will be all the more inspiring for them? I'll still dream of, and aspire to, a simpler life - but that is OK, maybe it will happen one day.

I will have to be more careful with my buying choices. I may even have to get help. But that is OK (i'll chat more in the future about how spending money on services is actually good for the environment). As long as I don't lose sight of my objectives, I know 11 months from now "Sustainable living will be a way of life rather than a challenge" - despite the huge pile of washing that sits permanently on our lounge...