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I'm going to celebrate Australia Day by eating Kangaroo

We had planned to have a BBQ to celebrate Australia Day on Monday, but after my recent realisation that the majority of my ecological footprint was due to eating animal products, and particularly red meat, I had a re-think. But luckily we do not have to resort to a vegetarian BBQ on Australia Day! We have decided to celebrate by eating Kangaroo. What better day to do our country a favour by eating one of its favorite animals.....


Why would this be doing our country a favour you ask?! Kangaroo has numerous environmental benefits over other meat because Kangaroos:

  • are soft-footed animals, so damage the land far less than sheep and cattle;
  • need less food than sheep and cattle;  
  • are better adapted to drought conditions; and
  • produce far less methane gas than sheep and cattle.

For these of you who aren't yet convinced you can find out more about the environmental benefits of Kangaroo meat here, here and here.

Visiting my local Supermarket last night I was amazed at the diverse range of Kangaroo meat available.  We have chosen Herb and Garlic Kebabs for our Australia Day BBQ.

Do Australia a favour and Celebrate Australia Day by eating a Kangaroo Burger! (Photo: Macro Meats)

Have a great Australia Day tomorrow. How about you also do Australia a favour by putting some Kangaroo on the barbie? You can find dozens of recipes here, like the Kangaroo Burger seen above. You could even do a "Coat of Arms Special" and put some Emu on the BBQ as well, or help control a huge pest problem by adding Camel to the menu. American readers, you don't have to miss out, apparently you may in the future see Kangaroo on the Thanksgiving menu instead of Turkey .