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I recently calculated my ecological footprint and found that my lifestyle is far from sustainable. So where am I going wrong? It seems the main contributor to my ecological footprint is the food I eat! This was a little surprising to me. I had imagined the greatest impact would come from things like transport, energy use and water consumption. But no, its food. Next in order of impact is goods (i.e 'stuff' like clothes and appliances), then services (gas, electricity and water), then shelter (house), and finally transportation. Back to food... One of the main reason the ecological impact of... Read more →

When striving for a sustainable life, it is important to consider not only the changes you can make to lessen your individual or household's ecological footprint, but also the positive contributions you can make towards your community. I believe the concept of sustainable communities is a lovely objective. The perfect opportunity to contribute towards your community is just around the corner - Clean Up Australia Day, 1st March 2009. The Little Eco family will be helping out at the same site we worked at last year. It’s a suburban bushland remnant that supports the endangered ecological community Kurri Sand Swamp... Read more →

...about conservation... Lyn from Aussie Organic Gardening revealed the Wollemi Pine she received as a christmas gift. The Wollemi Pine is one of Australia's most threatened plants. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful way to raise awareness regarding threatened species if everyone used a potted Wollemi Pine as a christmas tree? You can see our rather overwhelmed Wollemi Pine christmas tree to the left. Living christmas trees also have a number of environmental benefits over plastic or single-use Christmas trees. In her post 5 ways to stop deforestation, Jen over at the Mother Nature Network reinforced that the decisions I make... Read more →

When I started this blog only two weeks ago I was on christmas holidays. I spent time in the garden and harvested food for our table. I spent time making our meals from scratch and was able to minimise use of packaged and processed foods. I had time to mend clothes and I even had time to make a gift from scratch. I had time to walk rather than drive. I had time to browse through second hand stores, making the lure of post-christmas sales less tempting. I was highly motivated at the prospect of living sustainably.....Then things changed.... I... Read more →