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I have been rescued by a calculator. Seriously!

I’ll be honest, I was feeling rather overwhelmed by the resolution I had set myself. Where do I start? There are so many changes I need to make! There is so much information I want NOW! There are so many contradictions and green washing is rampant! But luckily, my sanity has been saved. By an online calculator! An ecological footprint calculator to be precise. I have found the process of calculating my ecological footprint extremely helpful. As revealed previously, I found that my ecological footprint can be broken down into the following areas, from greatest impact to least: 1. Food... Read more →

I made a promise to celebrate Australia Day by eating kangaroo because of the environmental benefits of kangaroo over other meats. Well I did. It was actually tasty. We had herb and garlic kangaroo meat kebabs. We ate them with locally grown beans and corn bought at the farmers markets just around the corner the previous day. We have decided we can easily replace other red meats in our diet with kangaroo. Realistically, we only eat red meat once in every two weeks or so and have decided that this would be an easy and worthwile change. I have to... Read more →

Time for another dose of Monday eco inspiration to get you through the week. This week it is a quote: We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. Given that Little Eco has been the inspiration for my journey towards living a sustainable life, I can really relate to this quote at the moment. In honor of Australia Day, and a younger Australia, here are some photos of the way my Dad and Grandparents lived. Have a lovely Australia day! Read more →

list of tips, mushrooms and backyard fish...

Just a few of last weeks eco stories that had me thinking..... ..about everything!.. As I will discuss in more detail soon, I have been feeling very overwhelmed by the resolution I have set myself (to make sustainable living a way of life rather than a challenge). Where do I start? There are so many changes I need to make! I'm not sure whether this great list of tips for living lightly is extremely helpful or has just made me feel even more overwhelmed...But either way I am sure I will be revisiting it many times over the coming months.... Read more →

We had planned to have a BBQ to celebrate Australia Day on Monday, but after my recent realisation that the majority of my ecological footprint was due to eating animal products, and particularly red meat, I had a re-think. But luckily we do not have to resort to a vegetarian BBQ on Australia Day! We have decided to celebrate by eating Kangaroo. What better day to do our country a favour by eating one of its favorite animals..... Why would this be doing our country a favour you ask?! Kangaroo has numerous environmental benefits over other meat because Kangaroos: are... Read more →